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Quality Management –
A success factor for companies

Quality management helps to improve products and services, to retain customers and to act economically. It's time to think about how quality management can be made fit to support agile corporate cultures and structures. An agile quality management supports you to successfully position your company in the age of digital change. A transparent and fast complaint handling helps you to improve the quality standard and eliminate sources of error. Fast and competent electronic communication with customers increases your competence in quality assurance.

But how do you ensure complaint processing that is efficient and personalized, and that keeps you and your employees always in the picture? Together with a building cleaner, we sought an answer to this question and developed a software for the structured and comprehensible handling of complaints especially for building cleaners and property managers. We are constantly adding this system to other business processes in the service industry to achieve the optimizations demanded by the market.

Our solution offers:

  • Comprehensive control of the complaints, documentation of the individual processing steps, status messages and feedback, including documentation how the issue was resolved
  • Central status tracking of all processes at a glance using a traffic light system
  • Integration of all participants in the process in one system via the internet
  • Support in routine tasks via check lists and recurring visits

Our solution is simple and intuitive to use, so your employees can use it effectively almost immediately. As an internet-based solution, it is available wherever you need it: on the PC for your employees in the office and on a smartphone or tablet for your object manager at the customer's site and on the move.

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