eB2B Solution Provider GmbHManage Business Travel and Procurement Digitally

eB2B assists companies to digitize, manage and optimize business processes. The cloud solutions eB2B Business Travel for business travel and eB2B Procurement to purchase goods are powerful, and have been practically tested and proven in companies for many years. Both products have functions suiting a modern digitization strategy. eB2B is a mature SaaS solution manufactured and hosted in Germany that can be easily integrated into existing IT environments. In doing so, eB2B always takes individual customer requirements into account. eB2B values service. The company is easy to reach and has a sound understanding of customers’ processes.

eB2B Business Travel: Business Travel Digital

eB2B Business Travel helps companies to map, control and optimize business travel processes online. From travel planning and booking to travel expense reporting, eB2B Business Travel is a reliable digital manager of business travel. eB2B Business Travel supports, among other things, the safety and health of employees on business trips and provides a helpful process for the A1 application. Learn about the scope of services of eB2B Business Travel here.

eB2B Procurement: Flexible digital procurement

eB2B Procurement helps companies to map the entire process for catalogue procurement online - including the ERP system if necessary. From approval and ordering to evaluation, eB2B Procurement supports the entire purchasing processes. eB2B Procurement is scalable, transparent, flexible and relies on standardized and efficient procurement processes. Get to know the scope of services of eB2B Procurement.