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Are you planning the digital transformation of your business processes?

Feel free to contact us! We develop solutions for desktop and mobile devices that are tailored to your needs, that use the advantages of virtualization and use the opportunities the Internet provides in a secure way. 

For more than 17 years we run solutions for the digital processing of business travel and procurement for our customers.
Our solution: Software-as-a-service based on our Internet enterprise technology. Our solutions support business processes online in a secure way, they are straightforward, they control, they optimize, are multilingual and support different currencies.

Our solutions do not bind your resources, because eB2B solutions, for you, mean no complex installation and no maintenance of expensive hardware. We operate and maintain our applications under the rules of the EU Base Act and the German data privacy laws in a professional data computing center. 

„Easy is difficult...“

eB2B means „easy Business to Business“, and over the last 17 years we learned that „easy“ is, in fact, difficult. To live up to our standard to develop software that can be used intuitively, we must understand the business process and the behavior of the participants in this process into the last detail.

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Digital Solutions for Specific Business Processes

Business Travel

Our business travel solution is used by our customers since 2003 and has since then processed more than 1.5 million business travels. We offer the single process steps of a business travel as separate modules. You can choose, which of the modules travel request, travel planning, booking of travel services, travel expenses and expenses you want to use. eB2B Business Travel supports approval processes und ensures that travel guidelines and tax laws are adhered to. With the existing interfaces, you can connect travel service providers, booking platforms and your ERP system easily to eB2B

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For procurement, the internet offers almost everything – but only few standards. In the vast world of procurement solutions, we aim for the best possible mix of flexibility, transparency, diverse interfaces, process monitoring, and compliance.

Efficiency and transparency play an important role in procurement. We ensure this in our easy to implement eB2B Procurement solution by mapping the complete procurement process for catalog orders online and considering the ERP system you are using: From requirements to approval, ordering from the supplier and confirmation of goods receipt, return delivery processing and invoice verification until transfer of the data to your ERP system.

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Customer satisfaction means customer loyalty! You can improve customer satisfaction mainly by a better handling of exceptions – how do you handle the special requests of your customers; how quick do you react to incidents? If your customers feel that they are in good hands, because they get feedback and a solution quickly, especially these exceptions contribute to an increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Quality is no longer just a perceived parameter, it is a provable service.

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Good Solutions have Successful Customers

Don’t let your digitalization project
become a walk on the tightrope!

You are searching for a partner who understands you and can translate your processes into digital processes? Feel free to contact us! eB2B has more than 17 years of experience in the digitalization of business processes. At the beginning of each of our solutions was always a customer requirement to make his process digital. We address our offerings to all companies who want to map their business processes to digital processes – from companies to enterprises.

Feel free to contact us and make use of our expertise! Together we can find out, if and how we can support you in your digitalization project.

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