eB2B Business TravelDigital and lean business travel

From the travel request to the travel expense report

eB2B Business Travel is the central platform to manage business travel. From the travel request to booking to the travel expense report: eB2B Business Travel digitizes all processes related to business travel - flexibly and integrating existing systems and business relationships. In addition, eB2B Business Travel has implemented comprehensive functions for health protection and safety on business trips and offers process support for the A1 application.

Travel planning and organization

eB2B Business Travel supports both trip approval and cost imbursement. The approval process can be set-up individually. A convenient user interface supports employees in travel planning when booking travel services and in the collection of travel expenses.

Assign travel expenses individually

The master data and authorization model of eB2B Business Travel provides, among other things, common options for cost assignment of a business trip to cost units (cost centres, orders, projects, etc.).

Booking: Direct and in third-party systems

eB2B Business Travel supports direct booking of travel services (e.g. with selected providers) as well as integrating of customer-specific travel service providers in the eB2B Online Booking Engine (OBE).

Documentation of all travel services

All travel services are recorded and documented in eB2B Business Travel. Cancellation of travel services is also easily possible.

Payment process as desired

eB2B Business Travel is capable to integrate all means of payment, travel agency cards (UATP) and customer-specific cards into the booking process.

All processes are supported

eB2B Business Travel supports companies in all processes:

Screenshot des Traveler-Portals